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Favorite Live Shows Of 2008

Definitely missed out on a good amount of shows this past year, however I did enjoy almost every one that I did attend. Here's a list of my Favorite Live Shows Of 2008. Also, check out "A Few Others" that I was either a part of, or caught online at the AT&T Blue Room.

25. Brightblack Morning Light at the Hideout (11.22.08)

Minus the bad sound, the tunes were very groovy.

24. Josh Ritter + Matt Costa at Taste Of Randolph (06.22.08)

Not as good as MMJ a few years ago, but I do thoroughly enjoy both of these guys.

23. William Fitzsimmons + Brooke Fraser at Lakeshore Theater (06.11.08)

I was supposed to get into this show for free, but ran into a conflict, which forced me to miss most of William's set, thankfully Brooke's performance (nearly) made up for it.

22. M. Ward at Pitchfork Fest (07.20.08)

Can't go wrong with M. Ward, but kind of wished Zooey was there.

21. St. Vincent + Foreign Born at Schubas (02.23.08)

This was the first time seeing Annie with a band, which definitely sounded good, but I think I prefer her solo.

20. Feist + Juana Molina at Ravinia (07.12.08)

Love Leslie, Juana, and Ravinia, plus the weather was fabulous, unfortunately the sound was a little on the quiet side.

19. Animal Collective at Pitchfork Fest (07.19.08)

Definitely bummed I didn't stick around for the whole set. A full day of music and heat tired me out. Also, I'm bummed that my AC obsession greatly increased like a month later.

18. Spoon at Pitchfork Fest (07.20.08)

I love Spoon, but I definitely was too far back to enjoy it as much as I would've liked.

17. High Places at Pitchfork Fest (07.20.08)

Checked these guys out by chance and really enjoyed it.

16. Bon Iver at Pitchfork Fest (07.20.08)

This was good, but the atmosphere was not as intimate as I would've liked.

15. Vampire Weekend at Pitchfork Fest (07.19.08)

These guys really blew up this year, as I predicted/expected. Too be honest, I wasn't as excited to see them since I saw them last year, but they did play a new song that was phenomenal.

14. The Hold Steady at Pitchfork Fest (07.19.08)

A pretty great show, however I was a little annoyed by the people around me.

13. Bowerbirds at Schubas (07.20.08)

Seriously one of my favorite bands over the last 2 years and definitely some of the nicest people ever.

12. The Acorn + The Shaky Hands + Ohbijou at Schubas (11.01.08)

I really like The Acorn, plus both opening bands were pretty solid.

11. Dirty Projectors at Pitchfork Fest (07.20.08)

Wasn't much of a fan going into it, but left thoroughly impressed.

10. Fleet Foxes at Pitchfork Fest (07.19.08)

My most anticipated act to see at Pitchfork and it was really great.

09. Fleet Foxes at the Metro (10.12.08)

I think I liked their Pitchfork show more because it was the first time seeing them, however the atmosphere was a little better here and they stepped up the in-between conversation, which may actually have been a little more awkward, but "corn for president" was pretty funny.

08. Deerhoof at the Metro (10.18.08)

This band is amazing and they handed out bread and chips before they went on, how thoughtful.

07. Beach House + Papercuts at Schubas (03.26.08)

Two great bands, really enjoyed this one.

06. Anathallo at the Union (02.01.08)

Third time seeing these guys and it was by far the best one yet. Of course the music was great, but the stories in-between were great too.

05. Iron & Wine (Sam Beam Solo) at Edman Memorial Chapel (02.15.08)

This was my first time seeing Iron & Wine and what a great opportunity to see Sam solo, however I must say his full band is pretty sweet (chill) as well.

04. TV On The Radio at the Riv (10.24.08)

I admit the sound wasn't as good I think it should have been, but the tunes, horns, and lights were pretty darn great.

03. The Dodos at Pitchfork Fest (07.20.08)

I was lucky enough to open for these guys earlier in the year, which was great, but man, all of the touring they've done this year really showed at Pitchfork. They killed it.

02. Wilco at the Riv (02.18.08)

I would've loved to go to all five nights of Wilco's residency, since they were playing their entire catalog, but I think I lucked out with the best night. Plus Andrew Bird played on like twelve songs.

01. Dr. Dog + Rogue Wave at Schubas (08.01.08)

This was a Lollapalooza aftershow and boy oh boy, Dr. Dog were (are) phenomenal live. Rogue Wave were pretty great too, even after playing three other shows that day, however I was slightly bummed that they did not play my favorite song, "California."

A Few Others

- Greg Laswell + Jenny Owen Youngs at Schubas (11.19.08) *
- Brooke Waggoner at Beat Kitchen (11.15.08) *
- The Kills at Austin City Limits (09.28.08)
- Neko Case at Austin City Limits (09.28.08)
- Okkervil River at Austin City Limits (09.28.08)
- Jamie Lidell at Austin City Limits (09.26.08)
- The National at Lollapalooza (08.03.08)
- Margot And The Nuclear So & So's at Lollapalooza (08.02.08)
- Sigur Rós at Bonnaroo (07.15.08)
- Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings at Bonnaroo (07.14.08)
- The Cotton Jones Basket Ride at Schubas (06.23.08) *
- Metric at Coachella (04.27.08)
- The Raconteurs at Coachella (04.25.08)
- Gogol Bordello at Coachella (04.27.08)
- The Dodos at the Note (04.17.08) *
- Horse In The Sea at Uncommon Ground (03.29.08) *
- Bowerbirds + Phosphorescent at Schubas (03.04.08) *
- Nicole Atkins & the Sea + Parlor Mob + Ryan Lindsey at Subterranean (02.21.08) *

* Shows I opened for

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