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Favorite Live Shows Of 2009

It definitely felt like I attended more than the usual amount of shows this year, however while creating this list, it now does not seem to be that many. Basically meaning that the majority of the shows are on this list. Anyway, here they are, my Favorite Live Shows Of 2009. Please feel free to leave comments, thoughts, shows you attended that were great, shows you regret missing, etc.

25. Beirut at Pitchfork Fest (07.18.09)

Definitely not as good as the first time I saw Zach Condon and band, but still pretty good. I don't know, something just seemed to be missing. On the other hand, I will say that multi-instrumentalist, Kelley Pratt, was top notch.

24. Frightened Rabbit at Pitchfork Fest (07.19.09)

A lovely performance from these Scots, who claimed they'd played more times in Chicago over the last year than their homeland.

23. Why? + Au at Bottom Lounge (10.05.09)

Going into the show, I wasn't a big fan of Why?, but after this performance, things definitely started to turn around.

22. The Great Society Mind Destroyers + Rabble Rabble at Ottoman Empire (04.18.09)

Two great underground psychedelic rock 'n roll bands killing it in a basement.

21. Plants And Animals at Pitchfork Fest (07.19.09)

Had their album, but wasn't too familiar with the material. A very pleasant surprise.

20. Dana Falconberry at Una Mae’s (04.07.09)

Was glad that Dana finally made it to Chicago and playing to ten or so people at a vintage store definitely wasn't expected, but lovely indeed.

19. Loney Dear + Asobi Seksu at Bottom Lounge (10.10.09)

Loney's sound (sound tech) wasn't as good as Asobi's, but two solid set from two great bands.

18. The National at Pitchfork Fest (07.18.09)

Honestly, I wasn't feeling this performance as much as I would've liked, but it's the National, they're amazing no matter what.

17. The Most Serene Republic + Still Life Still at Schubas (09.10.09)

Initially one of my least favorite bands on Arts & Crafts, but this band sure knows how to put on a show. Plus meeting Kevin Drew and seeing Kevin Barnes was pretty sweet too.

16. Here We Go Magic at Metronome Festival (06.06.09)

Had hoped to support/catch these guys earlier in the year, but things didn't work out. Surprisingly their set at this fairly small street fest was far better than I had expected. Can't wait to hear their 2010 release.

15. Department Of Eagles + Disappears at Schubas (01.15.09)

One of my favorite records from 2008 and was definitely glad to catch one of the very few shows they performed.

14. Wye Oak + Julie Doiron at Lincoln Hall (10.29.09)

Wye Oak are probably one of the most solid duos I've ever heard/seen. I still don't know how the drummer is able to drum and play keys at the same time. Was also pleased to hear Julie perform a solo set and playing "The Wrong Guy" as an encore was a perfect end to the night.

13. Metric at Metro (06.14.09)

Oh Emily Haines, you and your new album are absolutely wonderful.

12. The Antlers at Pitchfork Fest (07.18.09)

A last minute addition to the fest and the band's first time ever to Chicago. I must say it was quite spectacular.

11. DM Stith + Osso at Schubas (10.28.09)

David's tunes are so eerie and great, plus the addition of Osso's strings was a real treat.

10. St. Vincent at Pritzker Pavilion (06.08.09)

After seeing Annie quite a few times, I've usually preferred her solo sets. This show however, was probably the best one I've seen. The new songs are really good live.

09. Yeah Yeah Yeahs + Grand Ole Party at Aragon Ballroom (05.26.09)

Got a last minute ticket to this show and am very glad that I did so. Karen O and band put on a nearly perfect set. Would've preferred to hear a non-acoustic version of "Maps" though.

08. Bowerbirds at Pitchfork Fest (07.18.09)

Third time seeing these lovely people and probably the best. Was slightly apprehensive about how they'd be in a festival setting, especially since Bon Iver wasn't as good as I had hoped last year, but the audience was so attentive. You could seriously hear a pin drop.

07. Yeasayer at Pitchfork Fest (07.18.09)

When the rain stopped and the sun broke through the clouds during their song "Sunlight," was insane. A once in a life-time experience indeed.

06. Grizzly Bear at Pitchfork Fest (07.19.09)

Minus some technical difficulties with the sound, Grizzly were still able to bust out some explosive versions of tunes off the almighty Veckatimest.

05. Marissa Nadler + Alela Diane at Schubas (11.17.09)

Both of these lovely ladies have released two of my favorite albums of the year and just so happened to be on tour together. So so good.

04. J. Tillman at Lincoln Hall (11.08.09)

One of my favorite singer/songwriters embarking on his first headlining tour. Unfortunately the turn out was a lot smaller than I had expected, but nonetheless it was beautiful. Joshua also performed my two favorites as an encore.

03. The Walkmen at Pitchfork Fest (07.19.09)

My favorite set at Pitchfork and couldn't believe how solid they were after playing in France the night (or two) before.

02. Fanfarlo at Schubas (11.09.09)

This amazing band from the UK decided to kick off their first "official" US tour right here in Chicago and it was truly wonderful.

01. Cold War Kids at Schubas (04.16.09)

While on tour with Death Cab, these guys took the time to play a sold out show at Schubas, as a part of the venues 20 year anniversary. Obviously it was pretty amazing.

A Few Shows I Regret Missing

- Animal Collective at Metro (01.22.09)
- Juana Molina at Morse Theatre (02.22.09)
- Ferraby Lionheart + Noah And The Whale at Empty Bottle (04.25.09)
- Vetiver + Papercuts at Chopin Theater (05.12.09)
- Grouper at Hideout (06.06.09)
- Foreign Born at Empty Bottle (07.23.09)
- JBM + Sondre Lerche at Schubas (09.19.09)
- Fever Ray at Metro (10.03.09)
- Bahamas at Empty Bottle (10.16.09)
- Le Loup at Schubas (10.16.09)
- Dead Man's Bones at Schubas (10.21.09)
- Monsters Of Folk at Auditorium Theatre (10.30.09)

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