Thursday, December 13, 2007

Favorite Live Shows Of 2007

I attended around 25 shows this year, mostly by myself, which is more than usual because in years past I've been away at school. Now that I am done with school, I am more able to attend these shows, however I'm sure most of the other music bloggers out there attend a much larger number. Anyway, here is a list of my Favorite Shows of 2007:

15. Page France + Bishop Allen at Subterranean (08.09.07)

An overall good show.

14. St. Vincent + Jolie Holland at Schubas (01.23.07)

This was my first time seeing St. Vincent and Annie just blew me away. She's so good live. Although she was sick, Jolie was great, but seemed to play somewhat of an overly long set.

13. the 1900's + Drug Rug at the Empty Bottle (10.12.07)

This was the record release show for the 1900's new album Cold & Kind and it was definitely a fun show.

12. Page France + Margot & The Nuclear So & So's at Beat Kitchen (03.09.07)

This was my third time seeing Page France and first time as a 6 piece. Mike Nau and gang rocked it. Margot's set was great too, although everyone was about to pass out from heat exhaustion.

11. Great Lake Swimmers + Sean Hayes at Schubas (06.29.07)

Sean Hayes really impressed me and the Great Lake Swimmers set was lovely.

10. Ferraby Lionheart + the Brunettes + the Lucksmiths at Schubas (09.26.07)

I'd been listening to a lot of Ferraby over the summer and it was great to finally see him live. the Brunettes were fun and the Lucksmiths standing singer/drummer was pretty neat.

09. Broken Social Scene Present Kevin Drew’s Spirit If... at the Metro (11.03.07)

This was my first time seeing Broken Social Scene and it was great to see/hear them play for 2.5 hours, but to be honest, the dragged out banter was a little weird/unnecessary.

08. Okkervil River + Damien Jurado at Logan Square Auditorium (09.18.07)

Finally got to see Okkervil live and they were great. Damien was great too.

07. Vampire Weekend + Grand Ole Party at Schubas (12.11.07)

I'd been listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend a few weeks before this show and still can't stop listening to them. I expect big things in 2008. I was impressed with Grand Ole Party as well.

06. Regina Spektor + Arcade Fire + Spoon + Willy Mason at Austin City Limits (09.14.07)

I wasn't officially at this show, but I did watch it online. Regina's set blew me away, much better than her Coachella set. Arcade Fire & Spoon were amazing as always and Willy Mason's solo performance & duet w/ his mom was nice too.

05. Wilco + Dr. Dog at the Pritzker Pavilion (09.12.07)

Not my personal favorite Wilco show because I was pretty far back, but the weather was amazing and they played around 26 songs (a few I've never heard live). Dr. Dog's brief set was also pretty sweet.

04. Grizzly Bear + Beach House at Park West (10.10.07)

A very intimate concert with two great bands playing great music.

03. Beirut + Colleen + Alaksa In Winter at the Portage Theatre (10.04.07)

A strange, but nice venue with a packed crowd. Beirut live is amazing, go see them. Colleen was great too.

02. Feist + Grizzly Bear at the Vic (06.17.07)

You can't go wrong with Miss Leslie Feist, she's just pure amazing and although I missed most of Grizzly Bear's set, their sound in the Vic was breathtaking.

01. Midlake + St. Vincent at Schubas (02.14.07)

A well spent Valentine's Day, but would have been better if Annie Clark was my Valentine. Annie’s set unfortunately was very short, maybe 15 minutes, but it was amazing as usual. Midlake were flawless. So so good live and I loved the short films playing in the background for every song.

A Few Shows I’m Mad That I Missed

- Daniel Johnston at Lakeshore Theater
- Arcade Fire + Electrelane at the Chicago Theatre
- The Police at Wrigley Field
- Iron & Wine + The 1900s at the Pabst Theatre (Milwaukee)
- José González at Park West
- Bowerbirds + Papercuts at Schubas
- Menomena + Field Music at the Empty Bottle
- Dr. Dog + Apollo Sunshine at the Empty Bottle
- Battles + Caribou at the Metro
- Josh Ritter at Park West
- Sondre Lerche at Park West

[Count Me Out] Favorite Live Shows Of 2006

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