Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Album Review: Jason Collett - Reckon

Jason Collett - Reckon

01. Pacific Blue
02. Jasper John's Flag
03. King James Rag
04. Sailor Boy
05. Ask No Questions
06. You're Not The One And Only Lonely One
07. Miss Canada
08. Talk Radio
09. I Wanna Rob A Bank
10. Where Things Go Wrong
11. Song Of The Silver Haired Hippie
12. Blank Diamond Girl
13. My Daddy Was A RocknRoller
14. Don't Let The Truth Get To You
15. When The War Came Home

Standout Tracks: I Wanna Rob A Bank / King James Rag / Where Things Go Wrong

Reckon is out today via Arts & Crafts.

* Album reviews are composed only after a few listens. Yes, opinions may change over time, but most first impressions (un)fortunately seem to hold true. I wish I was creative enough to write a proper review, but I've failed miserably in the past. Here's the next best thing, I hope.

[Website] Jason Collett
[Facebook] Jason Collett

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